I’ll Host Your Promotional Giveaway!

Do you represent a business or corporation? Do you have your own Etsy shop or other small business?

A blog giveaway is a major marketing opportunity that spreads the word about your products and provides you with countless Facebook page fans, Twitter followers, and other people who are interested in your company! The only thing you provide is one (or maybe 3-5) product(s) – just think of the benefits!

I am very interested in hosting some giveaways on this blog. Giveaways benefit me by increasing my readership- and they benefit you because those readers then discover your product!

Please contact me with information regarding your business and its products!

clarissa (at symbol) digitaldeacons (dot) com


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  1. We’d love to hear more about your battle with the swine flu. Feel free to email me. The media is doing a good job of putting fear in people and we’d like to share stories of healthy success.

    Here’s another idea…use your new Flip Mino HD camera to put a short message together. Here’s a few questions to answer: How did you know you had the swine flu? What tipped you off. Where do you suspect you got it? Why did you go to the ER? What did they prescribe (meds, rest, stay home, etc.)? How did you recover and how long?


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