10 Easy Ways To Show Kindness

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Have you ever noticed how the smallest thing can brighten up someone’s day? (or completely darken it?!) I’m challenging you to do each of the following ten things in the next week, all with the intention of serving others and turning their days around.

1. Give a sincere compliment to someone you just don’t get along with.

Whether it’s a customer at your job, or your mother-in-law, find something (a cute necklace, new hairstyle, pretty smile, good taste in books…ha) nice to say to them. You’ll be surprised at how much they’ll warm up to you with one simple sentence.

2. Be courteous.

If you’re approaching a busy red light and someone needs to turn past you into a shopping center/etc, stop early so they aren’t blocked by traffic. You’re not going to get anywhere anyway- why not just let them go? (as I write this I wish the people who share my commuter route would take heart… alas)

3. Hold your tongue.

When you’re in a ridiculous customer-service situation- from Burger King to Comcast- remember that the person you’re speaking with may represent the company, but he is not responsible for their wrongdoings. Speak calmly and nicely, even if this is the third day the mistake has happened. Being a jerk is not going to get the problem solved faster, and is just going to make the employee stressed out over something he didn’t do. (of course if the guy acts ridiculous then you’re excused and may show your rage ;O )

4. Speak praise.

If your hair stylist/photographer/waiter/llama salesperson does a good job, tell them. But tell their boss too. Too often, it seems, do we keep out mouths closed about good service- only to jump to complain about bad service. A simple call or email to the district manager or owner can help a struggling employee out- all while placing them higher up on their boss’ totem pole.

5. Send a real greeting card.

I’m honestly surprised Hallmark is still in business- no one ever takes the time to actually write a letter, seal an envelope, and stick it in the mailbox. I love actual cards and letters and it makes me sad that no one ever sends them anymore 😦 So send a card to someone- whether it’s to thank them, wish them a happy anniversary, or just say hi!

6. Listen for someone to share a need- and then fill that void.

Maybe your aunt is wishing for a date night but can’t afford a babysitter- or maybe someone is just struggling and could use an encouraging talk over dinner. People are always hurting- you just have to listen and be willing to help.

7. Help the underdog.

As an example, two young kids were running a lemonade stand on my street corner last week. It was hot and there obviously wasn’t much business. If I had just stopped and bought a cup of lemonade, imagine the happiness that would have resulted from 50 cents.

8. Leave no mess behind.

When you try clothing on, place it neatly on the hanger and zip it back up. Then hand it back to your sales associate with a big thank you and a smile- when I worked in retail this never happened and we were stuck cleaning up the huge messes shoppers left behind.

9. Sacrifice some time to help others.

From visiting a sick neighbor to feeding the homeless, each small act helps to change the world and make us a more selfless person.

10. Most importantly, show kindness to those you love.

This is the hardest, because you have to get creative and come up with a new way!

Take the challenge and post your success stories below 🙂 I’ll feature a chosen commenter and their blog in one of my future posts!

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